CFBX radio station still accepting new hosts following recent volunteer drive

CFBX wants Kamloops to hear from you!

Kamloops’ campus radio station has just wrapped up its annual fall volunteer drive on Sept. 23 and they have received over 50 applications for both on-air and off-air duties.

CFBX is a volunteer-run radio station that is based out of House 8 on the Thompson Rivers University campus. Since its grand opening in the fall of 2001, CFBX has become home to many students and Kamloopsians wanting to try their hand at broadcasting.

Although the station’s official drive has been concluded, CFBX always encourages more participation from community members. Open timeslots that can be filled by potential hosts remain during weekday mornings and on weekends. Specifically, the station is looking for people to fill holes by hosting classical, hip-hop, metal, and punk shows.

Steve Marlow, CFBX program coordinator, has organized many volunteer drives since joining the station in the mid-2000s. Out of the 50 original applicants, Marlow said that he estimates 20 of them will actually go on to host their own shows as some drop out throughout the process.

“That’s natural, it happens every year,” Marlow said. “People will apply and realize that there’s more work to it than just getting on the air and broadcasting music.”

Typically, CFBX volunteers are expected to host a weekly one-hour-long show and perform one hour of additional volunteer duties per month at the station. These duties range from helping organize the vast CD library in the CFBX basement to promoting the station at future volunteer drives.

“Despite me talking about all the work involved in doing a show, it’s still a lot of fun. I would encourage anyone to get involved with it,” Marlow said.

Hosting a show provides volunteers with the opportunity to broadcast their favourite music to listeners or share unique perspectives in a spoken-word format. Although the station is based on the TRU campus, it is all-inclusive and open to all community members. Currently, the youngest on-air host is 11 years old and the oldest is 85. 

Positive energy and interest in the subject matter are the most important things when it comes to hosting at CFBX according to Marlow. On top of simply having fun on the air, there is also appeal for students looking to improve their resume as they head into the job market.

If they just want to see what a radio station does and get that experience. Especially for anyone who is in journalism or communications,” Marlow said. “Come by and do this, get that experience on the air. It is a lot of fun.”

Overall, this year’s fall volunteer drive was successful for CFBX. In recent years, the station has seen a decrease in participants due to the pandemic. However, the 2023 drive’s 50 applications show that numbers are returning to normal at the station. 

CFBX shows can be listened to on the radio at 92.5 FM and are also live-streamed on their website If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering at CFBX, you contact the station at (250) 377-3988 or email Application forms are available at House 8 which is located behind the Campus Activity Centre at TRU.