Clean out your closet with the Campus Clothing Exchange brought by TRUSU

For many people, January marks the beginning of a period of rejuvenation. A time where we may put the previous year behind us and begin the next anew. For some, that may mean changing their eating habits or adopting a new workout regime. For others, however, such changes might include a new change of wardrobe, and with that in mind, TRUSU has an event for you.

Until the end of this month, students are invited to drop off clean and wearable clothing at one of the many donation bins located near the Members Services Desk in the TRUSU building, in preparation for the clothing exchange scheduled for the first week of February.

This event is held annually to promote and raise awareness about sustainability on campus while providing students with an affordable clothing option.

TRUSU’s Equity Committee is running this year’s clothing exchange and has put out bins for donations. Accepted items include warm clothing–like outdoor jackets, pants, hats and mitts– and professional or everyday wear. The committee is requesting that all donations be washed and in good condition.

Last year, the event was sponsored by many community partners, including the Kamloops Repair Café and TRU groups like the Maker Space, Eco club, sustainability office, and wellness centre.

This year’s exchange will occur in the Games Room, in the Campus Activity Centre, right in front of the TRUSU office from Feb. 5 to Feb. 9 between 9 am and 6 pm. The event will only be open to TRU students and faculty.

“We want to reach as many people as we can, so while the Equity Committee is doing all the behind-the-scenes planning, we still want everyone in the TRU community to know about it,” Said Samikshya Paudel, Vice President of the TRUSU Equity Committee.

Paudel joined the committee in May and has seen firsthand how these events can unite the community.

“I really like that we have events like these throughout the year. I think it makes students feel [like] part of the university, not just people who take classes in the buildings,” said Paudel.

Throughout this month, committee members will go through the donations and ensure the items are in good condition.

“The main idea behind this is that we wanted whoever takes the clothes home to be able to love it. Just because you’re not using the item doesn’t mean others won’t like it. It might even fit their style better,” said Paudel. “We just want to serve that purpose.”

TRUSU has also created a draw so some lucky students can get early access to the donated clothes. All that is needed is an email address.

Students will need to show their TRU ID to browse the pop-up shop, and there will be members of TRUSU overseeing the event to ensure everything stays organized. While no donations are required to take home clothes, they are encouraged to have a better variety of items.

More information and details on the event can be found on the TRUSU Website, along with their sign-up for the early shoppers draw.