A Grimm future for the NORCECA Championship

Canadian U-21 women's team delivers a symbolic pre-tournament spike.

Chad Grimm, head coach of the TRU WolfPack women’s volleyball team, will represent Canada on the international stage this June as the new assistant coach for the Canadian National U-21 team. This will be Grimm’s second appearance at the tournament in four years, having previously served as the assistant coach for the senior women’s team in August 2021.

For over 50 years, the NORCECA (North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation) Championship has attracted the top volleyball teams from across North and Central America for a “continental clash.”

“It’s good to stay involved, to get into the different gyms and see different athletes,” Grimm said in a WolfPack release. “It’s good professional development and exposure to change things up and see different perspectives. In our profession we are so siloed into our little gyms, so it’s great to get out and see some other things.”

Grimm, a Kersley native, has been the head coach of the WolfPack women’s volleyball team since 2014. Since then, the ‘Pack has “transformed,” earning a regular season win-loss record of 83-101 and sending 13 members to all-star or all-rookie volleyball teams.

This year’s NORCECA Championship will be hosted in Toronto from June 25-30. In preparation, Grimm will first head to Kitchener, ON, for a two-week training camp before entering the tournament.