WolfPack athlete spotlight: MVB captain, Sam Elgert

Outgoing MVB 'Pack captain sits down with the Omega

With the volleyball season recently wrapped up for both of the WolfPack teams, the Omega had the opportunity to speak with men’s team captain Sam Elgert to discuss the season, adaptability, and his last game as a ‘Pack member.

Omega: Can you describe how the season went overall? 

SE: The season definitely had its ups and downs. [It] started off great with a few weekend splits against some top teams like UofA, UBC and UofS. We had lots of tight battles with teams in the second semester, and we ended up just short of a playoff position.

Omega: How did it feel to have your last game?

SE: It was definitely a bittersweet feeling playing in my last games as a member of the Wolfpack. I did my best to just play in the moment and enjoy my last time on the court. After the game, I did a lot of reminiscing [about] the time I’ve spent playing and the good memories of my teammates and coaches.

Omega: Can you share an example of a match where quick decision-making and adaptability were crucial?

SE: I wouldn’t really be able to think of a specific game because quick decision-making and adaptability are crucial in every game. However, over the course of the season, our team had to adapt our mindset and purpose following the accident that involved three of my teammates in late November. After the accident, our team decided to focus more on enjoying each moment together and leaving it all out on the court for our teammates who couldn’t be there.

Omega: Do you and your team have any pre-game rituals or routines that help set a positive tone?

SE: We do have a few rituals but it is mainly just focussed and having fun with the team before the game to relieve some nerves.

Omega: Main challenges of being a captain and maintaining school? 

SE: I would say the biggest challenges of being a captain while in school are time management and leading by example after a long day in class. Time management is a challenge for all student-athletes, so luckily, there isn’t too much more of a time commitment while being a captain. Being able to show up and give it your all in practice after a busy school day is difficult to do but also necessary for pushing the team.