The seventh annual Day of Giving is underway

Last year’s Day of Giving saw $54,095 donated in 36 hours. This year’s aim is $48,000 in 48 hours between the Kamloops and Williams Lake campuses.

Join the community today for the seventh annual Day of Giving. This yearly event calls on TRU students and faculty to improve the lives of fellow students by donating money.

Last year’s Day of Giving saw $54,095 donated in 36 hours. This year’s aim is $48,000 in 48 hours between the Kamloops and Williams Lake campuses.

All donations received go toward essential tools for healthcare students and student financial support, among others. Donors will have the chance to choose what fund their money goes to.

The nursing and respiratory therapy program were recently gifted lab kits for students because of previous donations collected. Each kit, which usually falls on students to buy, included a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, bandage scissors and a penlight. Seventy-eight kits were provided in total.

Katrina Harding, TRU alum and advancement officer is one of the organizers of the annual event. She has worked at TRU for seven years but recently took on the role of advancement officer. 

Harding said the event began in 2017 as a way of bringing TRU forward in the community as a cause for support. 

“We wanted to show the difference that it makes when you make a gift to TRU to support students and bring that forward in Kamloops and to our alumni around the world,” Harding said.

There are multiple feature funds for this year’s Day of Giving, including scholarships and bursaries, TRU Wolfpack, Terry Williams Lake Endowed Fund and the Healthcare Student Equipment Fund.

Additionally, participants can donate to the new Indigenous People’s Atlas of Canada. It will be a resource for the library that includes a map showing locations of Indigenous communities, residential schools, reserves, Indigenous language groups, and all the teaching resources along with it.

For students not able to donate but still want to give to the community, this year’s Day of Giving will have a focus on student engagement on campus on February 29th and March 1st.

Students will be able to participate in special activities, like answering a small quiz, taking a selfie and writing thank you cards for the donors. They will be given a five-dollar voucher to be used towards their preferred fund.  

“Philanthropy and donating to a university are really important to help bring these special projects to life. Tuition, government funding, all of those,” Harding said. “Donations help add the sparkle and help bring in the equity. it can help make things more fair in the world.”

To donate, follow the instructions shown here. If not specified, the donations made will go

toward the area of greatest need, although there is an option to select the

specific fund or faculty one wishes to donate.People don’t have to wait for the annual Day of Giving if they want to donate throughout the year. More information can be found on The TRU Giving Website which showcases options for donations that are happening throughout the school year.