Cast your vote in the TRUSU elections this Thursday and Friday

On Thursday morning, TRU students will head to the polls as voting begins for the 2024 TRUSU elections.

Each year, as the winter semester starts to wind down, TRUSU holds its annual elections, providing students with a chance to nominate themselves for a position on the students’ union board of directors. Traditionally, the election process is relatively quick. Nominations are only accepted for two weeks, followed by a one-week campaign period and two days of voting.

Voting will begin on March 28, and students will have until March 29 to cast their ballots in the student union building. The election results will be announced the following day, on March 30.

This year’s ballot includes 44 candidates running for 16 positions across five different committees. Of the 44 individuals competing, 20 will represent the Progressive Student Advocates (PSA), 19 will represent the Association for Student Advocacy and Progress (ASAP), four will be independent candidates, and one will be undeclared.

Successful candidates in the election will serve a one-year term from May 2024 to April 2025. According to the TRUSU website, during that time, representatives will be “responsible for planning and implementing the activities of the union and making decisions on behalf of the membership between annual general meetings.”Students are encouraged to visit the TRUSU elections website to learn more about the candidates before voting on March 28 and 29 by clicking here.