Women’s Adventure Film Tour to stop at TRU

The Women’s Adventure Film Tour (WAFTA) is coming to campus this month, promising adrenaline-fueled films showcasing courage and triumph that celebrates extraordinary women.

Eight short films will be showcased on Wednesday, Feb. 14, at the Clock Tower Theatre as part of WAFTA’s 2024 tour, which originated in Australia.

The film festival, organized by the TRU Adventure Studies program in conjunction with the Nurture by Nature program, runs from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

According to the TRUSU website, all the donations for this event will go towards the Kamloops Y Emergency Women’s Shelter.

The 2024 tour began in January and will visit five countries throughout the year, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

This event is held as a part of Women’s Health Week, which was created by the Jean Hailes Foundation in Australia. Every year the team goes through careful selections and chooses the stories that best represent women achieving their adventurous goals.

While there may be variations to the films being shown in each country, the WAFTA website is promoting these stories:

N.G.R.: The Fabulous Life of Nancy Greene Raine tells the story of an Olympic champion and Canadian senator who continues to live life at full speed at the age of 80.  

For My Daughter’s Sake is a story of passion that takes the audience with Danielle, who wants to protect and raise awareness for the tripletail, the only fish in the family Lobotidae that can be found in the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Girl That Found Happiness follows the story of Daniela Dragan who will show her two passions combined by performing an aerial dance while in the sky. 

Extreme Minds: Freediving Segment Is a documentary where extreme sports and mental health go hand-in-hand as it explores the benefits of these sports through the experiences of athletes and the insights of psychologists.

The Destiny of a Sherpa Woman follows Yangji’s journey of going back home to the poor village by Mt. Everest, where she grew up. It touches on the conflicting feelings of becoming a guide for the mountain she once turned her back on.

The Ascension Series – Morag Skelton is the story of a deaf climber who is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible will be shown as part of a series that highlights people who have overcome barriers in the great outdoors.

A Bitch of a Race showcases Anna Lena Kempen, who made The Frigid Bitch Race a reality nine years ago. The film follows her achievement after not finding her place in the male-dominated cycling field.

And lastly, Solo, the film behind a woman’s mission to run across mountain ranges on six continents on her own as she faces the challenges of achieving greatness alone.

Tickets to the event will be sold at the door.