New computer engineering program to launch Fall 2024

TRU is keeping up with the growth of the technological industry with new programs

Are you interested in exploring a dynamic career in technology? TRU is introducing a new Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering, supported by innovative facilities that promise to be your gateway towards that goal.

According to Faheem Ahmed, TRU’s interim associate vice-president academic, students enrolling in this program will have a course load similar to the current Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering for their first two years. They will then transition to new upper-level courses taught by other professors.

 Additionally, the program will feature a mandatory co-op during the last year of study to prepare students for their job search while ensuring they leave the program with a well-established network.

“Our primary motivation is that we would like to increase the number of choices,” Ahmed said. “There’s already a number of universities outside of the lower mainland that are offering focused programs such as this, but we want students to stay closer to here and grow the industry in the lower mainland.”

This program will give students the necessary background in the application of hardware and software, and according to Ahmed, it will open doors to many industries, including digital communications, the automotive industry and health care.

“Because most of the products that we are using nowadays are a combination of hardware and software, students will have more opportunities and will be more employable in any place they wish to work at,” Ahmed said.

A wide range of topics are promised in the curriculum to ensure the students have a strong foundation in their field of choice. According to the engineering department, this program will focus on a holistic approach to computer engineering education, enabling the department to better understand and meet students’ challenges throughout the program.

According to Ahmed, this will ensure that upon graduation students will enter the workforce ready to become leaders in their respective industries.

The new program – which launches in the Fall 2024 semester – is now open for applications.

“People are online asking questions and getting in touch, and we are confident that we will fill the seats that we would like to have, and that we require to have,” Ahmed said.

TRU has posted the schedule for several upcoming Information sessions regarding the program, with the next coming on Feb. 12 featuring Musfiq Rahman, a computing science professor, as the chairperson.

The information session will provide an overview of the program and the career opportunities for those opting to earn the new degree. Both the application form and additional information may be found on the program’s website.