‘Shrek the Musical’ dances into Kamloops

Run, run, run, as fast as you can. Get there quick, like the gingerbread man

What do ogres, onions and parfaits all have in common? From Nov. 23 to Dec. 9, Western Canada Theatre is inviting audiences to come find out for themselves when “Shrek the Musical” comes to town.

Based on the award-winning movie franchise from Dreamworks Animation, this live production retells the tale of a surly, maladjusted, yet brave ogre named Shrek. While embarking on a mission to restore peace and quiet to his home in the swamp, the not-so-jolly green giant finds himself unwillingly at the center of a grand adventure, one that will ultimately prove that the heart of a hero can be found in virtually anyone, even in a lonesome ogre.

“Shrek” stars David Silverstri as Shrek, Kate Blackburn as Fiona and Alex Wierzbicki as Donkey, with TRU alumni Jake Kopytko and Rem Murray as the understudies for the antagonist, Lord Farquaad and supporting character, Pinocchio, respectively.

Ahead of tomorrow’s premiere, the Omega had the opportunity to speak with Kopytko, a former Actors Workshop Theatre alum, who shared some of his thoughts on the production and the message it delivers.

According to Kopytko, the show is about self-love and inclusivity.

“It’s about inclusivity and accepting your flaws. And what makes you different sets your heart from other people and celebrating and celebrating it,” Kopytko said. “Believing in yourself. Believing narratives that you created by yourself or [with] others. Believing the true person that you are. Overcoming the trials and tribulations … from what certain people deem as socially acceptable.” 

Embrace your inner child and watch the premiere of “Shrek” musical from the Western Canada Theater on 23 Nov. Visit the Western Canada Theatre website for more information and to purchase tickets.