‘Image, Form & Idea’ opens at TRU’s art gallery

A fantastic collection of mixed media artwork is now on display

Get a glimpse into the talented minds of TRU’s current visual arts students with the collection currently displayed at the art gallery. Walk through the large sculptures and witness the artist’s stories, told through paint, ink and charcoal.

Until Friday, Nov. 10, TRU’s art gallery has a collection of artworks on display created by several TRU visual arts students. The art gallery is filled with works ranging from large 3D sculptures to intricate 2D sketches.

The collection is titled Image, Form & Idea, featuring pieces across various mediums, techniques and styles. This collection contains several 3D pieces, including whimsical fantasy creatures, human hearts and eyes and massive winged bugs. Materials used in these sculptures include paper-mȃché, fabric, wires, tubing and more.

All the artworks contain a unique aesthetic and showcase TRU’s students’ unique styles and abilities.

TRU’s art gallery is located on the first floor of Old Main and is open Monday-Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.