KamCon ’23 ‘incredibly successful’: organizer

Planning begins for an even "bigger" event in 2024

KamCon 2023 has officially come to a close. The attendees enjoyed a weekend of Dungeons and Dragons, Nintendo, Anime and more. The event was filled with elaborate costumes, video games, board games, silent auctions and virtual reality gaming. 

The event started on Friday with “Session Zero,” also known as an early access night. Then, on Saturday, the doors opened to the public at 9:00 a.m., lasting the entire day. Attendees could learn to play board games they’d never played before, with gaming professionals on hand to walk players through the games and teach them the rules. Upstairs, they were invited to a room dedicated to RPG games where they could sign up to play through a special Dungeons and Dragons campaign. New campaigns started every couple of hours, providing anyone who arrived late the opportunity to participate. 

Within the main area of the Campus Activity Centre, a diverse selection of vendors was on hand. Among the products available for purchase were handmade art pieces, board games, DnD dice sets and costumes. In addition to the retailers at the event, Mystic Moon Tattoos was in attendance with their own booth where interested parties could get inked with fantasy-themed tattoos. Many attendees seemed to enjoy the wide variety of booths, events and activities set up at KamCon.

Event coordinator Tyler Carpentier said he always loves seeing the community come together at his events. Many people at KamCon reported that they enjoyed the environment that Carpentier created this year and in past years.

Overseeing the event from the front merchandise table, Carpentier seemed impressed with the turnout. He reported that KamCon was incredibly successful this year, suggesting that there may need to be some expansions in future years. 

“We may need to expand next year,” Carpentier said. “We’ve filled this building, and we’re going to be even bigger next year.”

Many people at KamCon dressed up as their favourite characters, including Jeremiah Andrews, who cosplayed as the hero Link from The Legend of Zelda for his first KamCon. He reported that he made the tunic and cap himself and accumulated the other pieces of his costume by ordering them online. Andrews told The Omega that KamCon was the perfect place to test the costume out before Halloween. “I was planning on dressing up as Link for Halloween,” Andrews said. “So I decided to show it off.” 

The costumes ranged from peoples’ own original Dungeons and Dragons characters to fan-favourite video game characters.

According to the event’s official Facebook page, KamCon 2024 already has dates set for the upcoming year, tentatively scheduled for Oct. 4, 5 and 6. Now is the time to mark your calendars and prepare those costumes.